February – November 2015
Eataly of Turin, Milan and Rome

Bringing the general public closer to contemporary art exhibited in everyday environments. It’s called the Eataly Project and is an exhibition dedicated exclusively to sculptures in collaboration with Oscar Farinetti at Eataly Lingotto in Turin, Eataly Smeraldo in Milan, Eataly Rome. The idea was born to bring the general public closer to contemporary art by inserting the works, usually relegated to museums, in a setting characterized by daily attendance, in the commercial space like an art gallery, the usual places of purchase also become spaces where you can admire and learn about artistic works. The collective sees the participation of the sculptors Paolo Grassino, Gabriele Garbolino Rù and Jessica Carroll, on display their works of different sizes realized in different materials, but united by the same subject “the animals”. The exhibition will see the Fiato exhibition, two real-sized deer made of aluminum by Paolo Grassino, a pig’s head entitled B10 and Aisi 304, a horse’s head by the sculptor Gabriele Garbolino Rù, and to complete the exhibition Fuga, an oval of anchovies made of aluminum and a bronze Honeycomb by the sculptress Jessica Carroll. The element that unites the three artists is their Turin cultural and artistic background. Jessica Carroll has lived in the Savoy city since 2005, while Gabriele Garbolino Rù and Paolo Grassino were born in Turin, where they studied and currently work. Almost like an ethologist, Carroll observes animals and their behavior, but does not realistically represent them: the animals, depicted according to a very personal interpretation of nature, live in an enchanted dimension and appear to be the protagonists of fascinating mythical stories. On the transfiguration of the subjects in a parallel and symbolic dimension, we find the works of Garbolino and Grassino, however their animals do not inhabit a fantastic nature and are, instead, extremely rooted in society, archetypes of contemporary changes and problems.

Gabriele Garbolino Rù
AISI 304 (2014)

Acciaio inox, cm 72 x 48 x 3o


Jessica Carrol
Fuga (2010)

Bronzo, diametro cm 50

Gabriele Garbolino Rù
B 10 (2013)

Bronzo, cm 40 x 4o x 30

Paolo Grassino

Fusioni in alluminio patinato, 240 x 180 x 92 e 230 x 156 x 97 cm