Catalogues realization

For over 30 years we have been organizing exhibitions and expositions of Italian Art and Modern Art for the 1800s and beginning of 1900s, in collaboration with important public and private institutions such as the Italian Institute of Culture in New York.

Exhibitions organization

We organize contemporary art exhibitions: in 2015 we collaborated with Oscar Farinetti and we organized an exhibition of contemporary sculpture inside the Eataly store in Milan, during EXPO, and after Expo the show was moved to Turin and Rome.

Art market research and analyses

We provide information about contemporary art to help our clients to diversify and increase the value of their investments, offering an accurate purchase consultancy.

Assistance and advice in selecting painters

In recent years we increased our interest for contemporary painters and sculptors, in particular from Italy, and for photographers. We collaborate with sculptors such as Gabriele Garbolino Ru, Paolo Grassino, Davide Rivalta and Jessica Carroll, with the painter Giovanni Spazzini and we have an exclusive with the painter Paolo Franzoso.