Art Advisor, expert and art dealer since 1984, the owner and founding partner of the consulting firm Art Consulting, based in Modena and New York. Since 2005 he has collaborated with the Christie’s auction house in New York and London and with other important national and international auction houses, for antique and contemporary art and collectibles.

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From October 2014 Marco Bertoli collaborated with the Italian Cultural Institute of New York organizing a series of exhibitions aimed at enhancing the wealth of Italian culture for the American public

  • 2019

    Arte in corsia: Paolo Franzoso

  • 2018

    Dal disegno al segno

  • 2018

    Paolo Franzoso, Ubriaco di felicità

  • 2017

    Fortunato Depero

  • 2016

    Paolo Franzoso

  • 2015

    Eataly per l’Arte

  • 2015

    The Light of Southern Italy

  • 2014

    The Macchiaioli

  • 2014


Antique art

Consulting for auction houses
Art Advisor
Evaluation and cataloging of personal collection as well inheritance estimation
Consulting for import and export of works

Modern Art

Sales and assistance for investments in art in Italy and abroad
Consulting for Auction Houses
Consultancy for works insurance and damage assessments

Contemporary art

Curatorship and organization of exhibitions
Assistance and advice to a selection of artists
Analysis and research of the art market