November 20 – December 18
Art Consulting, Via Farini 56 – Modena

Feathers and Seas are the protagonists of the exhibition by the Modenese artist Daniela Alfarano. Made with the technique of graphite on paper, feathers and seas are also flanked in the exhibition by an installation with a strong spiritual significance. It is “Angel”, a Gospel with a white cover placed in a case with a detail that cannot fail to catch the eye of the attentive observer: a small and white feather that delicately covers the first letter, showing the word “Angel” . The feather recalls not only an ornament full of grace but above all the flight, imaginary, liberating, maze, aimed at a dialogic and spiritual reunion that joins the series dedicated to feathers, present at the exhibition, created between 2019 and 2020 in graphite on card, entitled “One day I will collect feathers and fly away”. From spirituality and lightness we then move on to the sublime power of the Ocean, with the triptych of 2021, “In the pure truth”, in which Daniela Alfarano immortalizes a sea in its immensity and vastness that evokes the journey, in particular the inner one through the listening to the soul.

Works that come to life from the artist’s hand, strictly in black and white, where, through continuous research, in the field of figurative drawing, the artist re-elaborates his personal experiences by translating them into a current, iconic language, based on spiritual symbols .

“The exhibition dedicated to the works of Daniela Alfarano – explains the owner of Art Consulting, Marco Bertoli – is a journey through the vision of the artist who, with his feathers, seas and sculptures, invokes an emotional language that strikes the viewer for intensity and depth. I believe that it is important to give space and support to young artists and above all it is essential to give a voice to the many artists who populate the field of art, who still struggle to have recognition in a sector in which, despite all the progress made in recent years, a strong male predominance still remains “.

The Art Consulting studio in via Farini, 56 and will be open from November 20th until December 18th, 2021 (from Monday to Saturday 10.00 / 13.00 – 15.00 / 18.00). In compliance with current regulations, the Green Pass is required.

Un giorno raccoglierò le mie piume e volerò via (2019)

Grafite su carta, cm 68 x 68 (part.)



Un giorno raccoglierò le mie piume e volerò via (2019)

grafite su carta, cm 23 x 23 

Nel puro vero (2021)

Grafite su carta, cm 53 x 73

Schermata 2021-11-15 alle 12.43.35

Angelo (2013) (part.)

Vangelo, base in legno, plexiglass

cm 133 x 16 x 20