24 September – 14 October 2019
Rome, Agostino Gemelli University Hospital Foundation IRCCS

Can beauty help to heal? Light and colors have a strong impact on the regulation of the physiological functions of the human body, so why not raise awareness of art by moving in opposition to the bombardment of homologated and shoddy images of today’s world, in search of a beneficial aesthetic satisfaction even where people usually think of anything else? From this idea was born the project of Marco Bertoli who, together with Professor Antonio Chiaretti, head of the pediatric First Aid of the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital Foundation in Rome, decided to bring art and beauty also to the hospital, for charity: a share of the proceeds of their sale will be donated to the strengthening of the pediatric first aid of the Roman structure.

The exhibition, which enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Roma Capitale, is divided into a selection of twenty works “Full of expressive energy, lively feeling, renewed strength and motivation, directed towards a better tomorrow”, as art historian Eugenia Battisti states. “This pictorial exhibition testifies to the closeness of figurative art to the world of children, since often the mind and the feeling of an artist are very close to those of childhood – explains Professor Chiaretti – Also for this reason a share of the proceeds of the exhibition will be donated to the Pediatric First Aid of the University Hospital A. Gemelli IRCCS of Rome, to improve its activities and the welcome given to the small patients who attend it ”.

“The project was born to bring a bit of joy even to the hospital where, more than ever, the experience of beauty is needed to approach an audience, which rarely attends exhibition. The language of contemporary art is trying to go beyond the surface of the appearance of the work and thus urging the reflective abilities of each one ”.

Fantastica Roma (2019)

Tecnica mista su cartoncino, collage, acrilico, carboncino, cm 105 x 135


L’albero dei miei sogni (2018)

Tecnica mista su cartoncino, collage, acrilico, cm 100 x 150

Fantastico di essere (2019)

Tecnica mista su cartoncino, collage, acrilico, cm 85 x 108


It’s your turn

Tecnica mista su cartoncino, acrilico, olio, vernice, carta stampata, cartone, carboncino, cm 120 x 160